Survey Results

Feedback for modifying your practices and suggestions for the group:

The ultimate goal of this survey was not only to connect with you personally but also to share information that could help your practices. While many suggestions such as communicating more heavily with patients, increasing social media use, and creating long term plans for re-establishing business after social distancing, the most common theme was creating a tele-medicine business model.

We spoke with Tomo Marjanovic, Founder & CEO of Aspire Rejuvenation, and a member of the Worldlink Medical community. He gave great tips on creating live educational videos, expanding your treatment options, and highlighting more benefits your office can offer patients.

Offering a true tele-medicine platform will definitely ease people’s minds that don’t want to go out to a medical office in person. Since not much word of mouth marketing is happening due to the lock-down, establishing good face time via web is crucial.
Think about the patient (consumer) from a sales point of view. We have to sell ourselves and our knowledge to show how and why we can benefit their health and longevity.
– Tomo Marjanovic, Founder & CEO of Aspire Rejuvenation

Want a free crash course in tele-medicine? Here is a free webinar from Jim Eischen, the private direct healthcare attorney speaking at our Business of Creating Health course.

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Question: How is your medical practice or business experiencing the impact of the current economic upheaval resulting from the Covid-19 crisis?

Question: Describe the status of your practice:

Question: What is the most valuable information you can learn right now?

Question: Do you plan to make any major changes in your business or medical practice as a result of the COVID-19 economic crisis?

Top Requests for Worldlink Medical:

We have heard everyone’s feedback and will look at offering the BHRT events as both a live event and online as streaming.  While we believe that live in-person offers the best learning experience, we realize this is not always an option for everyone.  Please continue to watch our newsletter for ongoing changes and updates.

Thanks to Lauren Dolan, our new Digital Marketer, she will be creating content and educational tools for creating additional business through online channels.  We’d also encourage you to come hear her speak at the upcoming Business of Creating Health, July 10-12 where she will provide a variety of practical and easy tools to implement.

Yes, thank you for your comment and we are looking to add more courses.  Our next new event will be Food as Medicine and we are looking to hold this at the Culinary Arts Institute at Copia in Napa Valley in 2021. Please stay tuned to our newsletter for updates.

This is a very difficult request to accommodate. Our speakers are always reviewing their materials to ensure the most up to date information is being given. At this time, we provide your syllabus a week before your course. We’re always open to improvements will review your suggestion.

Yes, this survey was our first attempt at soliciting the group for what they are doing during this crisis.  We hope over time to have not only frequent surveys but publish the results for the group and then expand on some of the ideas posted.  You are seeing the first of your results here and from this we will start producing content relevant to your requests.

I am aware that Russ Campbell with MedQuest is working on such a formula, you can contact him at  In addition we are looking to create an advisory board who can better help with requests such as this.  We will look to include a variety of backgrounds that can step forward and offer advice for these kinds of requests.

If you listen to the webinar with Jim Eischen there is one recommendation for a compliant platform.  We’ll look to find others in a future survey.

Tele-medicine is not an industry that we currently have an expertise in. But this may be a good question for our next survey to solicit advice and platforms from our group.  Thank you, and please look out for the next survey!

You can find a variety of lectures by Dr. Rouzier offered on our online courses store.  They are all CME accredited and about 1-hour long.

There are many different types of clinical practices that look to integrate HT into their practice.  I would strongly recommend attending The Business of Creating Health, as we’ll have healthcare attorney Jim Eischen there all day speaking and assisting.  I can also check with a few psychiatrists in the group, please reach out to me at