A special message from Vince Nacouzi, MD on PRP

A special message from Vince Nacouzi, MD on PRP

Dear providers,

We know these are difficult times for many and sincerely hope everyone is staying well and staying safe. Dana and I have talked a lot about whether it’s the right time for a course like this. I believe that as we recover from this pandemic there is a large population who can afford and are looking for these procedures. As soon as I’m allowed to re-open my schedule is booked for the next 3 months.
If you are looking to add more procedures to your practice this may be a good option to consider and yes people are looking for this.

Sign up for the one-hour webinar to decide if this is be right for you:
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I’ve designed this 2.5 day workshop (July 24-25, 2020) to be very hands on and here’s why? Often when I attend conferences where hands-on labs are set up, the procedures tend to have 6 to 10 students observing one model. On top of that, the one or two students that gets to perform one of the steps is the luck of the draw.

A few years ago, when we designed this course, I wanted to change that. You can see from the vehement reviews our participants give our course that the hands-on portion is what sets this training apart from any other workshops here in the US. We typically perform 8 – 12 full cases for a class of 16, per day. Some may want to perform more facial procedures, others prefer to focus on urogenital or joint injections, and then others desire a combination. Over 90% of attendees come with little to no experience, and within 1 – 2 days are doing full vampire facelifts, breast lifts, alopecia treatments, urogenital male and female treatments, and joint injections (knees, shoulders, sacroiliac, etc.).These same attendees can now set up a lab and prepare a variety of PRP’s.

I must warn you, the course is intense. The breaks are short and we often work 8 – 10 hours per day, non-stop. So, I hope you take this into consideration if you decide to enroll in our course. Our attendees range in background from orthopedic surgery, family practice, plastic surgery, FNP injectors, pain specialists, and anesthesiology. Our teaching is current and embraces good if not excellent skills. Each student is closely monitored and individually coached. These newly learned talents you acquire here will allow you to offer new treatments when you return home

So, please be part of this new era and lead in your endeavors. We realize the small groups make this course expensive. Dana has offered to work with you in setting up a payment plan. We want to be part of the solution.

Once again I hope you’re all healthy in these difficult times and we look forward to seeing you soon.

In health,

Vincent Nacouzi, MD