Social Media Marketing Group Results

Social Media Marketing Group Results

Now that we’ve covered the basics of social media marketing in our 3 part on guide on “How to Grow on Social Media” its time to explore more advance topics. At the end of part 2 we asked that you give us some feedback on if the content was helpful and what concepts we could expand on next and the results are in!


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Part 2: 5 Strategies to Accelerate the Growth of Your Social Media Accounts

Part 3: Creating Leads & Generating Conversions from your Social Media Accounts

Survey Results

Based on the below survey results our next topic on social media marketing will be on:

“How To Utilize Giveaways to Grow Your Following & Bring In More Clientele.”

Top Comments On More Business & Marketing Topics:

  • Create resources to help us create more online business
  • Sharing new business ideas and strategies would be helpful
  • Video production advice

To facilitate some of these requests we will add content that specifically addresses how to bring in more online business through Search Engine Optimization. We also are working on releasing information on how adding treatments like PRP to your service offerings now could eventually lead to an increase in revenue when social distancing is over and the demand for such treatments skyrockets.

Lastly, as we all know video content has become critical to any good marketing strategy. So please be on the lookout for content that addresses how to easily produce video content and what to do with your videos to get the best results overall.

When we asked you “how much did you enjoy this content?”

The average answer was 10. That’s because marketing and growing your business is fun and rewarding. We want to encourage you to branch out into these arenas so that you can see the value that it adds.

Ultimately, the best option to effectively learn many of these marketing topics and get hands on assistance with building your practice is attending The Business of Creating Health course; which is now being offered in person and via live stream for only $495.