Thyroid Update Part 1

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1 Hour
1 AMA PRA Category 1 Creditâ„¢
1 Nursing Contact Hour (1 Pharmacologic Hour)


Neal Rouzier, MD
Faculty Chairman


1 Hour Courses , Hormones

New guidelines recommend not treating subclinical hypothyroidism, particularly if the TSH is less than 20. Recent studies demonstrate that patients do not improve symptomatically and that treatment can be harmful. During the webinar, Dr. Rouzier will review the British Medical Journal and explain their recommendations and how they came to their conclusions. In Part II next month, he will review the studies that prove thyroid hormone does improve symptoms when prescribed correctly and how it can treat “Estrogen Dominance” in both men and women.

You will not want to miss this important webinar about thyroid hormone.

Upon completion of this workshop, the healthcare professional will be able to:

  1. Review a recent meta-analysis of 21 studies demonstrating that thyroxine does not improve symptoms or quality of life in patients with SCH.
  2. Recognize that there is no clear evidence that symptoms are related to serum TSH levels.
  3. Critique the reasons as to why experts make a strong recommendation against the use of thyroid hormones, even in symptomatic patients with significant elevation of TSH.
  4. Discuss their logic in recommendations against thyroid hormone use due to the “potential harm, lack of benefit, being burdensome of some patients because of long-term daily medication requirements, the cost of follow up visits and testing, all of which stress the patient without any benefits.”
  5. Evaluate an opinion by an esteemed psychiatrist that hypothyroid patients, or patients with hypothyroid symptoms, should not be evaluated or treated by endocrinologists.