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4 AMA PRA Category 1 Credit™ 4 Nursing Contact Hour (1 Pharmacologic Hour)



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IMPORTANT: To register for this lab you must have attended the PRP for Medical and Aesthetic Applications online course first. If you attempt to register for this lab without that prerequisite your registration attempt will fail. 

PRP Virtual Lab

With the changes forced by the COVID outbreak, hands-on training has been replaced successfully by the direct supervision of our expert physician. The same care is given as in the clinic or office setting and, in particular attention for the safety of our patients/models. By using aseptic techniques and having all the necessary tools on hand, a successful and complete medical training can thus be achieved. Also we want the ability to manage and prevent complications during and after the training.

All providers and participants would have prepared their remote site with their models, and necessary audiovisual equipment. Each provider will have registered for the procedure they wish to cover. Typically, we’ll spend one hour per procedure – more than enough to cover each topic in detail. All questions and demonstration will be visible to all participants. If possible, prepare your questions ahead of time for efficiency’s sake; additional questions will inevitably come up during the course. We will have a 20-minute break after the second procedure. (See Virtual Course Requirements below.)

All our procedures will be on the ZOOM platform

You will be working directly from your office. Dr. Nacouzi, from his end, will demonstrate the procedure of interest, succinctly but thoroughly. You will then proceed on your end, guided every step by Dr. Nacouzi, to perform the procedure on your model/patient that you have requested. It is just like being present in the hands-on room. You will be guided step by step, virtually, much in the same way that Dr. Nacouzi would give you directions if standing by you at the seminar.

Virtual Course Requirements

  • Must have completed the didactics course successfully.
  • Providers must sign and attest their ability for being licensed to perform injections in their state.
  • Choose six procedures of interest, and we will perform the four most requested that day.
  • Each provider must have their own model for the procedure requested. Each model must have signed the consent prior to the procedure being performed.
  • Each provider must have an appropriate working space, cleaning solutions, gloves, sharps container, and exam table covers.
  • 3 cc and 1 cc syringes (three each per procedure). 30-gauge ½ inch needles (three per procedure).
  • 27-gauge ¾ inch needles (three per procedure)
  • Sterile NS (normal saline) for injection, 10 cc per procedure.
  • First aid kit on hand, including epinephrine injectable, Benadryl 50 mg PO, prednisone 60 mg PO.
  • We will be using normal saline for the procedures, rather than actual PRP, for the sake of time and safety during the teaching process. We will be using topical BLT (8% benzocaine, 20% lidocaine, 8% tetracaine cream) and 1% lidocaine.
  • iPad or equivalent with camera.
  • Access to Zoom and a clear field to film procedures.