PRP In-Person Lab

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6.5 AMA PRA Category 1 Credit™ 6.5 Nursing Contact Hour (1 Pharmacologic Hour)



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IMPORTANT: To register for this lab you must have attended the PRP for Medical and Aesthetic Applications online course first. If you attempt to register for this lab without that prerequisite your registration attempt will fail. 

PRP In-Person Lab

It is only during this course that we will cover and provide certification for the Vampire™ procedures, including the O-shot, P-shot, Vampire Facial, and Vampire Facelift. Each participant will have to abide by the requirements for attending. (See In-Person Requirements.)

We are in Raleigh NC, the class begins at 9 am and ends at 4 pm. Lunch will be provided. Social distancing in the office will be enforced.

  • Must have completed the didactics course successfully.
  • Providers must sign and attest their ability for being licensed to perform injections in their state.
  • Choose six procedures of interest, and we will perform the four most requested that day.
  • Each provider must have their own model for the procedure requested. Each model must have signed the consent prior to the procedure being performed.


There will be four providers each with their respective models, four procedures will be covered throughout the day. Again, we will not use PRP rather we will use the Sterile NS for injection. But we will cover extensive PRP/PRF/PRFM/LPCGF preparation.

An example of how our procedures are initiated and performed (other procedures are run the same way):

Let us start with erectile dysfunction – we’ll discuss what it means to men, how to differentiate it, what to suspect, what not to miss, assessment with monitoring, who will benefit or may not, optimization, biology, treating the pathology, CGMP, PRP, the pump, Botox for the penis, and rehab.

With female genitourinary we’ll cover issues from urinary incontinence to decreased clitoral and vaginal sensation, as well as orgasm. In addition, we’ll talk about Lichen Sclerosis and sagging labia, as well as how to help your patients and give them hope with their intimate needs.

We’ll cover the face, how aging is not easy, how to recognize it and retrace the youth line, the options of non-surgical lift, The V-Lift Lift and the beauty lines, the triangle and the related mathematics. By the end of this session, you’ll know how to recognize it, plan it, and execute it like a master!

We’ll also cover what exactly is “good” PRP, and we’ll teach you how to offer the best.

We will also discuss the science of PRP, the step-by-step procedure on how to create the PRP serum, PRFM, optimization, and Human CGF (the latest innovation). We then continue with introduction to fillers, and a brief review of oculoplastic anatomy and the danger zones for the fillers and other interventional modalities we cover.

Given the complexity in learning new procedures, Dr. Nacouzi will be available by phone for simple consults from our attendees, for the month to follow.