January 13, 2021

January’s webinar is a continuation of the articles discussed in webinar # 6 that further review all the literature demonstrating testosterone’s benefit for weight loss, reduction of visceral fat, improvement in all lipid parameters, with the resultant reduction in all-cause mortality. Oddly enough, the cardiovascular world rejects all this evidence that should be well embraced. Then, why is it that this profound information, data, RCTs, and literature ignored? Well, if a doctor is not up on it, then they are down on it. Obviously, the cardiovascular world is not up on it as it falls between the cracks, and therefore doctors are down on it. There is no venue for internists and cardiologists to hear and review these studies, and a strong confirmation bias against unconventional treatments, all play a role in the rejection of scientific data that could and should be appreciated and embraced by all mainstream doctors. However, a multitude of factors play a role in physicians not embracing all the benefits of testosterone replacement and optimization. That which is even more difficult to understand is the extreme push back and negativism by some physicians. They simply do not have a clue but this webinar is another attempt to provide you with ample studies and practice in dealing with those issues.


In this month’s webinar, I will present all the studies and literature that you should be aware of and have in your library that demonstrate reduction in CVD, prevention and reversal of diabetes, with the resultant reduction in CVD mortality which statins lack. I provide these papers to all patients with some CVD risk. I also provide these studies for peers or patients that wish to provide them to their PMDs should there ever be an issue with patients or PMDs. I have found that discussion of these issues with peers is sometimes futile if their cognitive bias prevents them from understanding the concepts. In my extensive experience over 20 years, I find that most of my patients’ PMDs do not embrace BHRT or optimization of hormones. I thoroughly enjoy, however, shoving medical literature in their face and saying, “Here, read this!” All physicians should be aware of this data and information, but I understand that there is no venue for physicians to be introduced to this information unless they are lucky enough to cross the path of WLM. It is my endeavor to bridge this gap by patiently and empathically providing this literature to my peers as well as my patients that want to appreciate what I am accomplishing by optimizing their hormones. Many peers may reject it, but they are rejecting science, which does not say much for their integrity.


In addition to providing the literature and papers for you to download, I also provide commentary and discussion that helps you better understand the controversies, how to navigate through them, and become confident in your prescribing. Finally, and unfortunately, I will use the medical literature that I have used to defend several cases. The insight and verbiage that I use for litigation defense will be interspersed in the webinar. I actually enjoy countering plaintiff’s attorneys and their experts that do not know the literature or have command of the science that demonstrate safety and efficacy of testosterone. However, you must document and that is the one issue where practitioners fall short. I will include my advice on documentation that must be included in every chart of every patient that you treat. Since most of us utilize testosterone for off-label use, that discussion should also be included.


This will be another action packed webinar that will provide you with more information that you should know and utilize when treating patients. If you cannot make it to the webinar time slot, this can always be listened to at a later date.


Happy New Year!