Get Monday Morning Ready to Prescribe Hormone Therapy

Get Monday Morning Ready to Prescribe Hormone Therapy

By Dana Burnett, M.Ed.

Our goal for Part 1: Discover the Power of BHRT of the four part workshop series is to make you immediately able to start seeing patients who  might benefit from the treatment. Parts II, III, and IV build on this foundation and add complexity, but Part I is to get you ready to start Monday morning.

To ensure prescribing goes smoothly, Neal Rouzier, MD answers questions at the end of each section, and Herman Pang, MD, answers questions live during the course.

Here are a few Q&A pulled from our last training:


How is estradiol cardioprotective in men as it is in women if it is not given daily?

Testosterone works differently in men vs women.  It appears the aromatization of testosterone to E2 is strong enough (effective enough) to confer CV protection through esterified fatty acid esters.  It is a good question in the “where is the first pass effect in males”? However, males still have more MI’s and CV deaths compared to females, so in some male patients with profound dyslipidemia, I might consider adding oral E2.  This is a topic for Part IV: Mastering the Protocols for Optimization.


Does estrogen protect against colon cancer too, I thought that was mentioned earlier but did not see this on the slide?

It does protect against colon cancer.  Please plan on attending Part II: Expand Treatment Options when we talk about hormones and cancer.


For PMS dosing, is that done only during the lutuel phase (200 mg BID)?

You can do whatever you like, you can cycle if you want.  The vast majority of patients just take P4 QHS continuously.  That is so much easier and more convenient for patients.


When treating PCOS with Progesterone do you recommend taking every day and not stopping 5-7 days for menses?

Yes, that is correct.

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