When you purchase your online course a user account will automatically be created for you upon the completion of your order. Your email address is your username and you set your password also during the checkout process. To reset your password visit this link.

To view online courses you must be logged into your user account.

To login visit: https://dev.innogrp.com/my-account/

You will also receive 2 emails from Worldlink Medical upon purchasing an online course:

  1. Your purchase receipt– Your purchase receipt will contain a link to the course, the claim credit code, and a link to your claim credit instructions. Instructions for claiming credit are also located on your course page underneath the course video.
  2. A role update email – This email essentially verifies that you received a new permission to access this course on our website.

Your purchased courses are always accessible to you by logging into our website. Once logged in you will be able to access the “My Courses” link in our top navigation menu.

If you do not see this link you are not logged in, or your permission on your account is not set correctly which may have resulted from a purchase issue. Please contact us if you are having trouble accessing the “My Courses” menu.

During your checkout for your online courses, you may have checked out as a guest rather than creating an account.

If this happens you will still receive a purchase confirmation email that will contain the link to your online course and your claim credit code/instructions.

However, when you access that link you will be asked to sign in and because you have checked out as guest you will not have any login information.

In this scenario you must contact us so that we can assist in creating your user account and assigning your order to your account thus making it viewable to you.