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What Healthcare Providers Need to Know About The Women’s Health Initiative (WHI)

You may be familiar with the landmark 2002 study, The Women’s Health Initiative but you may be a little confused on the results and actual implications of the study results vs what the media reports.

Make a Difference in Patient Wellness with Hormone Therapy

Have you experienced the frustration of a patient who never seems to get better? You’ve diagnosed her with insulin resistance or even full-blown Type II Diabetes. You’ve counseled her on changing her diet.

Low Testosterone Information from Pharmacist Ben Blanchard

Pharmacist Ben Blanchard, with 10 years of experience, talks about how men can improve their lives by going through hormone therapy. Men experience a decline in Testosterone levels after age 30. Hormone levels drop gradually over time in men which causes mood changes, sleep trouble and low libido.

Treating T3 Deficiency, the Evidence You Need

Your 45 y/o female patient that is now optimized on your HRT program returns for evaluation after her PMD voiced concerns about your treatment with thyroid hormone. 

How Hormones are Disrupting the Oncology Industry

I need assistance. I have a new patient 49 who came to me with history of 7-year survival of breast cancer, estrogen positive, and she was on tamoxifen for 3 years but told her oncologist that she would commit suicide if she was not taken off.

Meta-Analyses of the Risks, Benefits, Complications, Adverse events, and Outcomes Associated with Testosterone Replacement

In webinar #7, I reviewed many long-term studies that demonstrated complete cure/elimination of diabetes and pre-diabetes with testosterone administration. This translated into reduction in CVD, morbidity, and mortality.

Clarifying Hormone Terms: Natural – Synthetic – Bioidentical

  Natural Hormones First, there’s the concept of “natural” hormones. Natural is a word that’s not well-defined. You can have a natural banana and artificial banana flavoring. The sun provides natural sunlight but a sunlamp gives off artificial light. Natural Light® is a brand of beer that might have something natural about it, but I’m

Not All Hormones Are Created Equal: Bio-Identical Hormones Vs. Synthetic Hormones

Although not all hormones are created equal, you may find that when speaking to your doctor about hormone therapy, the names are used interchangeably and without regard for source or structure. That’s why it’s important for you to know the disparities in hormonal therapy and how those variations can make a huge difference in how

Nurse Practitioner Provides Personalized Direct Primary Care

Karl Lambert, ARNP Would Never Go Back to the “Sickness Model” of Traditional Medical Practice In 2014, nurse practitioner Karl Lambert heard about the Academy of Preventive & Innovative Medicine by Worldlink Medical. A colleague told him about hormone optimization with bioidentical hormones and he was intrigued. Karl was frustrated that his patients never really

CME and the Covid-19 Pandemic: Helping You Stay Safe and Up-To-Date at the Same Time

In this unprecedented time of crisis, The Academy by Worldlink Medical is helping you stay safe and stay ahead with online CME mini-courses and live-streamed conferences. Earn CME credit and keep from getting cabin fever in the comfort of your own home or office. Your newsfeed, email inbox, car radio, and television news have been

Worldlink-Trained Providers Overcome Healthcare Burnout By Changing Their Practice Model

Every occupation has its occupational hazards. Nurses get stuck with needles. Police officers and military personnel get shot with real bullets in the line of duty. Firefighters get burned and suffer from smoke inhalation. In 1860, Orange, New Jersey physician J. Addison Freeman published an article in The Transactions of the Medical Society of New

What You Need To Know About The Women’s Health Initiative

Statistical Significance: Breast Cancer and Hormone Replacement Therapy If you’ve taken any of Worldlink Medical’s CME courses with Dr. Neal Rouzier, you’ve learned about the hornet’s nest of controversy about prescribing hormones to women in menopause that’s been stirred up over the past two decades. If you haven’t attended a Worldlink course, you’re probably at

Providers Making A Difference In Patient Wellness With BHRT

Have you experienced the frustration of a patient who never seems to get better?  You’ve diagnosed her with insulin resistance or even full-blown Type II Diabetes. You’ve counseled her on changing her diet. You’ve prescribed metformin to reduce glucose production in the liver. But on her next visit, her fasting blood glucose hasn’t changed or

9 Medical Practice Marketing Tips for Success

Wow, this looks like a long post! Well, quite frankly it is. But hang in there, because we are willing to bet that you will get some practical takeaways. Whether you are just starting a practice or simply seeking to increase your patient base, at some point you will have to implement a marketing plan-of-action,

The 7 Hormones Everyone Should Know

DHEA Clinical studies have demonstrated that DHEA has a beneficial effect on immune response, sex drive, metabolism and emotional stability. DHEA benefits the immune system and reduces visceral fat associated with diabetes mellitus. Other health-related benefits include support of cognitive function, helping the body cope with stress, and protection against heart disease through its effects

Estrogen Dominance in Men

  The Role of Testosterone on E2 Levels Testosterone replacement therapy has a significant role in protecting aging men’s health, including greater protection against heart disease, diabetes, and obesity.123 However, it naturally increases estrogen levels in men, which has brought the benefits of testosterone therapy into question.   You may have heard the warning that

Transdermal vs. Oral Estrogen

While experts agree estrogen has far reaching benefits in menopausal women, researchers tend to disagree on how estrogen therapy should be administered.   Is Transdermal “Less Risky?” The current trend is to prescribe transdermal estrogen cream. Why do some physicians choose transdermal instead of oral estrogen therapy? Many are worried about the health risks associated

Clearing Up Controversy about Hormones and Cancer

Since the 2002 report known as The Women’s Health Initiative (WHI) Trial, Prempro sales have fallen to $161 million annually and more than 10,000 lawsuits have been filed against Pfizer by women, who declared the company’s HRT drug lead to their development of breast cancer and other health ailments. Pfizer Inc. recently set aside $772

Melatonin for Sleep

Dr. Rouzier recently provided some tips in response to an online publication writer who asked the question, "What are some tips on how to avoid sleep disruptions when season's change?" I thought it would be appropriate to post here and expand on natural sleep in general.